Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask a Flooring Installer

Flooring Companies

Whether you’ve hired contractors in the past to work on home improvement projects or this is your first time seeking the help of professionals, it’s imperative to ask questions. Knowing the right questions to ask a flooring contractor will likely determine the quality of work you’ll receive. So, before you seal the deal, here are some key questions you should ask before having hardwood floors installed in your home.

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Eight Reasons to Choose Carpet

Custom Carpets

Rightly so, carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices amongst homeowners. It is warm, cozy, and comes in a variety of styles, textures, patterns, and prices. If you are on the fence about installing carpet inside of your home, we have eight reasons why you should take the leap and choose carpet. Let’s take a look!

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4 Ways to Use Carpet in Your Bathroom

Carpet Sales

We cherish carpet for its plush and cozy features. The softness helps to make it feel like heaven to our feet. Plus, it can instantly transform the entire look of a space and make it feel much more inviting to guests. While wall to wall carpeting may not be ideal for the bathroom, it does not mean that you cannot include an area rug in this space. In fact, many people are replacing traditional bath mats with bold patterns and diverse area rugs. A nice area rug can be just the update you were wanting!

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Hardwood Flooring Trends

Wood Floor Installation

What's Changed?

Popular color choices have shifted away from natural shades and moved to the extremes. Owners are looking for flooring options that are bold and that will make their home unique. Therefore, super light and super dark colors are trending while traditional wood colors are out.

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