How to Clean Beer and Wine Stains Out of Carpeting

Carpet Cleaning in Houston

Cleaning Beer Stains From a Carpet

The first thing that you want to do when beer spills on your carpet is to immediately blot the liquid up using a white cloth or paper towels. Get as much of the liquid up as you can. If you are quick, it may be possible to remove the staining agent before it can set into the fibers of your carpet.

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How to Clean and Care For a Laminate Floor

Laminate Installation

Laminate flooring is relatively easy to care for because of its surface wear layer. This is an invisible coat that rests over the decorative face of the material, protecting it from stains, damage, and liquid penetration. Because of this most messes can just be wiped up, and regular maintenance consists of caring for that protective surface.

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How to Choose Carpet Color Picking Your Perfect Shade

Best Carpet Cleaning in Houston

1. Choose a light, neutral shade to make your space appear bigger. If you’re upgrading a small room, consider using a light-toned, neutral shade of carpet. This looks great in traditional homes, and light carpet provides a sense of luxury. Attractive light shades include taupe and sand.

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