How to Remove Jam or Jelly Stains from Carpet


Drop a bit of jelly on your carpet, and you're in a stain-removal jam. What can you do except use harsh chemical carpet cleaners to scour the jelly out, possibly damaging the carpet in the process? Try making your own gentle cleaning solution and follow these instructions to clean up the jelly stain and preserve your carpet.

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4 Tips To Extend Carpet Life

In Your Office Building

Maintaining a clean carpet office or commercial building facility is not an easy task especially when there is a lot of traffic coming in and out your facility. Creating a thorough maintenance plan is key to extend the life of the carpet, for a clean appearance and to maintain a healthier workplace for your employees.

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10 Major Benefits of Wood Flooring

Compared to Other Forms of Flooring

Many people have a tendency to completely overlook Wooden Flooring, because it is initially more expensive than carpet and linoleum; however, you reap many great benefits which outweigh the initial additional cost.

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